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What are BoltBugs?

Boltbugs explore the evolution of humanity through the intersection of machines and insects. A study in recycled steel and dust, the collective consciousness of the hive provides insight into our own future as a species.

We have a lot more in common with these creatures now as our machines resemble insects in their efficient harvest of the planet. For these workers there is no need for independent thought, each goes about their business comfortable in the knowledge that they will have food, shelter and a sense of purpose.

If we thought that studying apes, as our nearest cousins would help us understand our past, the similarities between a city and an anthill might help us understand our future. Observe our Nests and Colonies of concrete, steel and dust.

For millions of years, plants and plankton thrived in sunlight, animals ate these plants, and larger animals ate these smaller creatures creating a foodchain based around the sun. In order to survive, an old hive needs a New Queen. Plants produce flowers, bees make honey and the cycle continues.

Now the earth hosts an entirely new species of lifeform that feeds off of electricity and sucks oil from the ground, As we spread across the planet we become blood cells pumped through concrete arteries, or worker bees encased in steel.

This is actually a positive and whimiscal view of our machine world and the pieces of our lives that we leave behind, collected and recycled from the 'forest floor' so to speak!